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Collab.Land Project

About Collab.Land

How did Collab.Land start?

Collab.Land has its roots as the Collab-19 bot, a submission to the ETH-Money hackathon in May of 2020 in response to Covid-19. Using ERC20 tokens, the Collab-19 bot managed access to a gated Telegram channel. In October of 2020 Collab.Land had grown to also support Discord. As of today, Collab.Land has over 47k registered communities.

What is Collab.Land?

Collab.Land is the most-used tool for Token Granted Access (TGA). TGA uses blockchain assets to create aligned communities within Discord, Telegram, and beyond!

Collab.Land Mission, Vision, and Values

Collab.Land is empowering web3 communities with privacy-preserving identity and collaboration tools to build pro-social 1 systems and create a better internet for people, not capital.

View the Mission, Vision, and Values for more.

How can I contact Collab.Land support?

To protect our users and prevent scams we do not handle support questions via Discord.

For support questions, please check the help docs, submit a support ticket , or email us at: support(@)

What is the Collab.Land bot?

The Collab.Land bot is an automated community management tool that curates membership based on token ownership. We begin with initial verification, confirming that each prospective member possesses the required token(s) to join and participate in your community, and follow up with routine checks to confirm members continuously satisfy your requirements.

How do I find information on the Collab.Land DAO?


Check out the DAO section of the documentation.

$COLLAB token

Check out the token section of the documentation.

What events are happening in the Collab.Land?

There are always events upcoming in Collab.Land!

Visit the Collab.Land Co-op Calendar to view the DAO calendar or add it to your own google calendar.

Directions for setting up a personal sesh calendar are posted in the Discord.

The future of Collab.Land

What is next for Collab.Land?

As Collab.Land grew, the team understood that “token gating” was here to stay and that there would be competition. Instead of the typical startup path of raising more venture money which would lead to monetizing user data, the team decided to think BIG.

Instead of a competitive feature race, Collab.Land decided to transform itself in to a distribution platform for web3 social apps. Similar to Facebook’s transformation by opening up to 3rd party developers, Collab.Land has done the same but using a DAO instead of centralizing control.

This has turned Collab.Land in to the premiere distribution platform for web3 developers owned by the users of the network. The Collab.Land Marketplace is the best way developers, brands and advertisers can reach tokenized communities

What is the Collab.Land Marketplace?

The Collab.Land Marketplace is for third-party developers to build Miniapps that extend our core software. Community Members, Admins, and Developers will all benefit from this collaboration.

In the Marketplace, Developers will publish their own integrations with core Collab.Land software. Put Miniapps exactly where they’re wanted, in front of the communities that will benefit from them!

Admins will customize their communities by installing Miniapps from the Marketplace. Community Members and Admins together curate the offerings in the Marketplace by reviewing Miniapps and surfacing high quality ones!

We all protect the Collab.Land network by building and curating the Miniapp Marketplace.

The Marketplace flywheel


Where can I learn more about Collab.Land?


  • Developer news and case studies on the dev blog
  • Collab.Land updates on 📚 Substack
  • Medium tutorials and product announcements
  • DAO News on Mirror


Let’s Form Group:

A New Series about the Future of Community

Featuring the origin stories and interviews with founders of communities that use Collab.Land

Privacy Policy

The Collab.Land privacy policy is hosted on the Collab.Land website.

Terms of Service

The Collab.Land Terms of Service are hosted on the Collab.Land website.