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Collab.Land Introduction Tutorial

This tutorial will walk you through the basics of Collab.Land. We will cover:

What is Collab.Land?

Collab.Land is a decentralized community platform that allows communities to create and manage their own governance systems. It is a community-owned and operated platform that is governed by its community members.

How does Collab.Land work?

Collab.Land provides a bot that you can install to help manage access, roles and permissions in your tokenized communities. The Collab.Land bot will join your community on (Discord, Telegram, and Reddit) and grant members access to the community based on the rules you set up.

How to use Collab.Land bot?

Build with Collab.Land

Collab.Land provides a list of REST APIs and an SDK to allow client applications to:

  1. Check a wallet address or account against a list of Token Gating Rules
  2. Access a user's information from Collab.Land if the user grants required permissions to the client application
  3. Manage Token Gating Rules for community administrators