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Collab.Land allows developers to build and deploy miniapps on the Collab.Land Discord bot to extend the reach of their projects. Additionally, Collab.Land provides APIs that enable developers to create custom functionalities, such as website token gating. This page serves as an introduction to both functionalities, providing an overview and offering resources to assist you in getting started.

Creating a Miniapp

Collab.Land miniapps are lightweight implementations of your project or specific features of your project that run on the Collab.Land bot and are accessible through the Collab.Land Command Centre. They provide an excellent opportunity to leverage Collab.Land's distribution channels, reaching over 50k+ communities and 9m+ users with your project.

To build a miniapp, you can utilize Collab Actions, which are prebuilt templates designed to facilitate the development of custom functionalities within Collab.Land. These templates remove the complexities of setting up infrastructure and address security concerns, as they are handled by default. You can learn more about Collab Actions and how to build miniapps by visiting the Getting started with Collab Actions page.

Building Token Gated Web Apps

Collab.Land offers the capability to build token gated web apps, allowing you to provide additional functionality to your community members, such as access to exclusive content or features. This functionality is similar to how many exclusive Discord servers operate, where a specific token is required for server access. In this case, the token gating controls access to a web app or specific sections of the web app.

To build a token gated web app, you can use either the Collab.Land SDK or Collab.Land REST APIs. Both options provide easy integration with Collab.Land, enabling the development of token gated web apps and websites.