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Contributor Guide for Collab.Land

Collab.Land is a project that welcomes contributions from the community. If you're interested in getting involved and making a positive impact, follow these steps to contribute to the Collab.Land Docs on GitHub.


Watch the Getting Started with GitHub as a Non-Developer tutorial video on the Collab.Land YouTube.

How to Contribute

Check out the Getting Started with Git flowchart to see the logic flow for contributing to the docs repo. The tutorial video goes through the flowchart in depth.

1. Familiarize Yourself with Collab.Land Doc Repository

Before you start contributing, it's essential to understand the project's goals, features, and overall structure. Visit the official Collab.Land repository on GitHub to get an overview.

2. Fork the Repository

To begin contributing, fork the Collab.Land repository to your GitHub account. This creates a copy of the project under your account, allowing you to make changes without affecting the original codebase.

3. Clone Your Fork

a. Using Command Line

Clone the forked repository to your local machine using the following command:

git clone
b. Using GitHub Desktop
  • Open GitHub Desktop.
  • Click on "File" in the menu.
  • Select "Clone Repository."
  • Choose your Collab.Land fork from the list and click "Clone."

4. Create a Branch

Create a new branch for your contributions. Use a descriptive name that reflects the purpose of your changes. For example:

a. Using Command Line
git checkout -b feature/new-feature
b. Using GitHub Desktop
  • In GitHub Desktop, click on the "Branch" menu.
  • Select "New Branch."
  • Enter a branch name (e.g., feature/new-feature) and click "Create Branch."

5. Make Changes

Make the necessary changes or additions to the codebase. Whether you're fixing a bug, implementing a new feature, or improving documentation, ensure your changes align with the project's guidelines.

6. Commit Your Changes

Once your changes are complete, commit them with clear and concise messages. For example:

a. Using Command Line
git add .
git commit -m "Add new feature: XYZ"
b. Using GitHub Desktop
  • Open GitHub Desktop.
  • Describe your changes in the "Summary" field.
  • Click "Commit to BRANCH_NAME".

7. Push Changes to Your Fork

a. Using Command Line
git push origin feature/new-feature
b. Using GitHub Desktop
  • Click "Push origin" in the GitHub Desktop interface.

8. Create a Pull Request

Navigate to your forked repository on GitHub and create a pull request. Provide details about your changes, including the purpose and any relevant information for the maintainers to review.


You should assign @iSpeakNerd as a reviewer!

9. Participate in Review

Collab.Land maintainers will review your pull request, providing feedback and suggestions. Be open to collaboration and address any requested changes.

10. Merge Your Changes

Once your pull request is approved, a Collab.Land maintainer will merge your changes into the main codebase. Congratulations on your contribution!


Stay Engaged: Continue to stay engaged with the Collab.Land community. Join discussions, participate in future contributions, and keep an eye on the project's upcoming events.