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Trade Links

Trade links are the premier feature of the Telefrens SocialFi bot by Collab.Land. Creators can create and share links and earn half of the trading fees when their Pass Holders use them to trade crypto tokens with only a single click. Actualize your alpha and monetize your following today with trade links!

Telefrens logo with Telegram Bot label

The Telefrens YouTube channel has a full trade links tutorial.

Creators earn an affiliate fee from every trade executed using their trade link, amounting to half of the trading fees.

Here are the step-by-step directions for creating, sharing, and executing a trade link using the Telefrens bot on Telegram.

  1. Type /tradelink in DMs with the Telefrens bot or use the command from the Telefrens bot menu in Telegram DMs.

  2. Click on "create trade link".

  3. Select a token for trading. Telefrens uses OKX DEX on the Arbitrum blockchain and only supports those tokens currently.

  4. Decide whether to restrict the trade link to your Pass Holders only.

    • Skip this restriction if you want the link to be open to everyone.
  5. Submit your trade link.

  1. Copy the unique trade link.

  2. Share this link with your contacts or in a group to enable others to trade the selected asset by opening the link.


Watch this demo video to see Trade Links in action.

Creators can share the video with their followers or create their own tutorials.

Start with the trade link received from a friend or a contact.

  1. Open the link to view the token available for trading (e.g., $USDC).

  2. Ensure you have sufficient funds in your Telefrens smart account. Telefrens trades ETH on Arbitrum.


If you need to deposit funds, follow the instructions provided in the Telefrens interface.

  1. Enter the amount you wish to trade (e.g., 0.001 ETH) in the prepopulated app and set your slippage preference.

  2. Confirm the transaction if the details meet your expectations.

    • You will receive a DM confirmation from the bot upon successful submission of the trade request.

    • Check the status of your trade either through the explorer link provided by the bot or in your Telefrens app smart account transaction history.

Remember, this process is specific to the Telefrens bot and involves transactions on the Arbitrum blockchain. Ensure you have a clear understanding of the trading fees, gas fees, and the functionality of the Telefrens bot before proceeding.