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Telefrens Introduction

Telefrens is the first SocialFi bot in crypto, from the team that built Collab.Land. Get Pass access to Token Gated groups and royalties rewards for Creators on Pass transactions.

Telefrens logo with Telegram Bot label

Welcome to Telefrens


Why it matters

1. Form Your Swarm - Invite your Telegram contacts to an exclusive, paid group chat

  • 1 click invites for your contacts to join an exclusive Telegram group chat, including built-in mechanics and long-term sustainable royalties revenue streams for Creators.

2. Actualize Your Alpha - Make money from your trading ideas

  • Monetize your trading ideas by sharing a 1-click Trade Link with your Telefrens in Telegram.

3. Renew Group Revenue - Add a subscription model to your group

  • Automatically collect a monthly fee from your Telegram group members, those without a working payment method are automatically removed.

What is Telefrens?

Telefrens enables an individual or brand to create their own Telegram group with Token Gated Access automatically. It allows Creators to bootstrap and monetize their followings through the sale of blockchain-based Passes.

Holders can purchase Passes that unlock access to a Creator's exclusive group chat in Telegram.

Telefrens enables p2p communication and community formation within Telegram and groups benefit from Telegram's robust and feature-rich chat platform.

Telefrens leverages Collab.Land's ERC4337 smart account implementation.

The Vision

Open the Product Map below to view a high-level overview of the product vision.

Product Map

The Details

Bonding Curves

Passes are minted along a bonding curve, resulting in variable prices for Passes.


Price slippage will occur if multiple accounts are buying and selling along the bonding curve at the same time.

So, a crypto bonding curve is like a rollercoaster designed by a math nerd. It's this fancy graph that decides how much your Passes are worth. The twist? The more people buy in, the higher its price climbs. But remember, this isn't your grandma's savings bond. The curve can go up or down, making it as unpredictable as Vin Diesel doing standup.

Default Bonding Curve

Telefrens is launching with the default bonding curve from Friend.Tech.

$$ f(x)=\frac{x^2}{16000} $$

Bonding curves will be customizable by Creators in a future update.

Royalties Revenues + Protocol Share

Telefrens empowers Creators by ensuring they always receive royalties revenue on buys and sells of their Passes.

Telefrens value flow model

Referral Points

Referral rewards will vary between a minimum of 0% and a maximum of 1% of trade value of Telefrens Passes.

The amount and distribution mechanics of community incentives will be adjusted by Collab.Land team. Governance over rewards will be decentralized to $COLLAB token holders at a later point in time.

When community incentives are at their maximum of 1% of trade revenues, the revenue share is depicted in the diagram below. All numerical values are percentages, i.e. 90 ➡ 90% of the whole.

Telefrens revenue share model with maximum community incentives

Points Formula

The Points formula will be adjusted at the discretion of the Collab.Land team. The initial Community Points formula is:

  1. +1 Point when a user you invite onboards to Telefrens
  2. +1000 Points when a user you invite does their first transaction using Telefrens

How to Get Started with Telefrens

  1. Follow the Telefrens and Collab.Land Twitter accounts for announcements and alpha leaks 💦💦

  2. Check out the Telefrens YouTube channel for tutorials.

Join Telefrens

Join Telefrens today!

Click a Telefrens invite link from someone to begin DMs with the @telefrensbot in Telegram. Use /start and follow the prompts to launch the app!


A real invite link will always have the form where telefrensbot is part of the URL.

Deposit ETH to your smart account on Arbitrum One

Telefrens runs on Ethereum Layer 2 Arbitrum One. Activating your Pass is free but to purchase Passes you will need to have ETH on Arbitrum One.

Find your deposit address by using the Account button with the Telefrens bot in DMs or by visiting your profile settings inside the Telefrens app.

Follow the in-app guide to bridge ETH to Arbitrum One, if needed.

How to get your Arbitrum One deposit address

Purchase a Pass

After depositing ETH on Arbitrum One you are ready to purchase your first Pass. Click on a Creator's profile and select "Buy". Select the number of Passes you wish to purchase and click "Confirm".

Join a Group Using a Pass

Click on a Creator's profile whose Pass you hold. Click the Blue "Group Chat" button in the top right of the Creator's profile.


If the "Group Chat" button does not appear after purchasing that Creator's Pass, then they have not set up their Group Chat. Direct them to the How to Setup a Telefrens Group page.

How to join a Telefrens group chat

I'm a Creator Selling Passes to my Group

Visit the telefrens website to sign up and then follow the onboarding walkthrough.

Activate Your Passes

The in-app walkthrough will guide you to activate your Passes. This Pass Activation is free and will not cost anything. Any other Passes will have a variable cost according to how many Passes have exist on that specific bonding curve.

Set up your Telegram Group

You need your own Telegram group to sell Passes for. Refer to the guides on How to Setup a Telefrens Group.