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tl;dr gmPASS is a smart account for members to use and interact with Collab.Land-supported blockchains and dapps using their social accounts on Discord and Telegram.


The gmPASS is a public (1), non-custodial (2) web3 identity (3) for blockchain execution (4) from social platforms (5). Let's break down what that means.


A member's gmPASS is the canonical public identity for that member within the Collab.Land ecosystem of products. It controls a member's blockchain smart accounts.

Members can use the gmPASS to interact with Collab.Land miniapps and services that do blockchain transactions.


A member's gmPASS acts as the default signer on account abstraction (aka ERC4337) smart accounts across multiple blockchains. Members no longer have to go through the difficult onboarding of self-custodying their private keys or trust an entity to guard the keys for them!


Read Alchemy's semi-technical article on account abstraction (ERC4337) to learn more.

The seed phrase is split up (sharded) across the nodes of the signer network so no single entity controls the private key.

The network uses the shards to sign and authorize transactions for the smart account(s) controlled by a member's gmPASS.

Collab.Land's gmPASS is a noncustodial wallet solution because private key shards are spread out over the network so one entity never controls (custodies) the complete key and account for members.

In a later update, members who wish to take self-custody of their keys will be able to export the private key of their gmPASS and import it into self-custodial wallets such as Rainbow, Metamask, and others.

web3 Identity

A member's gmPASS is their canonical identity within Collab.Land; it connects web2 onboarding with web3 execution. Members can send tips to each other, accumulate reputation, send vibes, and trade crypto all using their gmPASS.

The gmPASS is blockchain-agnostic, meaning it can be used to sign transactions on any blockchain that uses ECDSA for digital signatures. With the gmPASS, Collab.Land functions as a service aggregator across Collab.Land's supported blockchains!

Blockchain Execution

After a member authorizes a transaction, Collab.Land facilitates execution on a blockchain. Collab.Land serves as a bridge, aggregator, and interface for members to interact with blockchain technology through familiar social platform interfaces.

Collab.Land uses ERC4337 smart accounts.

Social Platforms

Members interact with the gmPASS using their social accounts. They use it in a familiar environment of Discord and Telegram, abstracting away the difficult UX of blockchain technology. We will onboard the next 1B users!

Collab.Land's gmPASS is controlled by members' social accounts, Discord and Telegram. Members will have access to social recovery and security settings via the Member Portal.

How it works


Technical details on the gmPASS and how to leverage it will be added to the developer documentation.

The flowcharts linked below are meant to give a high-level overview of how gmPASS works. Open the dropdowns for access codes.

gmPASS member onboarding flow

onboarding flow
password `gmgmgm`

gmPASS member transaction flow

transaction flow
password `gmgmgm`

How it fits together

The Collab.Land Product Map is a freeflow association of products and ideas that Collab.Land is working towards. The map gives an overview of how everything fits together within the Collab.Lands.

There is also a high-level roadmap at the bottom of the document.

Product Map
password `collabland`


When creating their gmPASS, uses register a passkey with Collab.Land. Their on-device authorization is the key to unlock their gmPASS and the functions of its blockchain smart account(s).

The device-generated passkeys serve as trading authorization, effectively adding 2FA security for blockchain actions; attackers can't get to your crypto because your Passkey is tied to your device!

Why gmPASS?

The gmPASS is a blockchain smart account to onboard the masses to crypto. It removes the UX barrier of self-custody from users and brings crypto into chat platforms where folks already are.